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Our Mission

Being a Legionary

Being a legionary encompasses and is a dynamic synthesis of many elements: it means to be a man of God, a passionate apostle of Christ, a formator of apostles, a herald and witness of God’s merciful love, a man of integrity, a creative evangelizer, a restless and magnanimous entrepreneur.
It is living each day, each act, as a joyful response to the love of God personally experienced in a vital encounter with Jesus Christ.

To be a legionary of Christ is to receive from God the call to religious and priestly life in step with the Church. (CVV 65)

In the college

The Path


Discernment whether or not to enter the novitiate


Beginning and foundation of the formative process in which the call to consecrated life is verified


Assuming one's own human reality to form the heart of a religious and future priest


Discipleship in truth, freedom, and self-control, with a strong emphasis on academics

Apostolic Internship

Putting into practice everything that has been learned so far in full-time apostolate


Configurative moment of initial formation in which perpetual profession is made and the ministries of lectorate and acolyte are received


Beginning of the pastoral ministry, characterized by the service proper to the deacon

Priestly ordination

Culmination of initial formation and beginning of full priestly ministry at the pastoral and sacramental level

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