Who we are

Legionarios de Cristo

Who we are

We are a religious congregation made up of priests and candidates to the priesthood founded in 1941. Our family is made up of 4 bishops, 975 priests and 453 seminarians worldwide.

Our charism is Christ-centered, contemplative and evangelizing. We foster evangelical creativity both among ourselves and with the laity we serve. We profess a deep love for the Pope, the Vicar of Christ, and the bishops. We make it a point of collaborating with the pastoral work of the local Church wherever we are apostolically active.

Our motto, Your Kingdom Come! expresses the desire that Christ reign in the hearts of men, families and society. To do this, we collaborate with other members of the Church and with all people of good will to make this Kingdom a reality.

Ultimately, we want to do everything for the Kingdom of Christ to the Glory of God.

Christ our King!
Your Kingdom Come!

We are part of a big family